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Enter our free trading contests to win real prizes

Use virtual funds to compete against other traders and win generous rewards.

Compete with other traders and get paid

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    Start by opening an account with us. The account opening process is quick and easy.
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    Use virtual funds and build up your performance statistics by making profitable demo trades.
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    Win real prizes
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Pick a contest and outperform other traders

A range of trading contests is available at any time; each has varying criteria, including different prize structures and the minimum number of trades. Use the virtual funds provided to outperform your rivals. Keep track of your position by following the leader board.
Virtual funds, real rewards
Take advantage and practice your trading strategies with virtual funds in a live competitive environment. Sign up for free and get a chance to win real prizes.
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Launch trading contest for your community
Admirable Trading Group offers a unique playground for crypto, NFT, trading and investing communities with over 10K active members/followers.
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    Fully-branded trading competition for your community.
  • Costs
    Zero cost — we sponsor the event and provide real prizes for the contest winners.
  • Tools
    Virtual funds are provided to all competitors so no capital is at risk.
  • Marketing
    Global marketing campaign and cross-marketing activities with instant exposure to all Admirable Trading Group userbase.